Bartender of the Week: Justin P

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Welcome to Ryno’s one of the last bastions of simple comfort and fun in town. Our BOTW Justin Pilotte truly enjoys the fact that his bar is a place with no frills. It’s a spot where what you see is what you get, and boy do you get a lot when you come down to hang out at this big establishment. There is never a time you should find yourself bored at Ryno’s because even after a drink has stopped being enough entertainment they have so many other things to do. They have the biggest selection of arcade games in town. They even have Big Buck Hunter which in our opinion is the all time best bar video game. Along with games you can pump quarters into they have a massive patio where you can play giant Janga and giant Connect Four. It’s basically an adult play pen where everyone can get involved and make wagers on who buys the next drink, in ways you never have before. Every Monday Ryno’s is bumping, because its the only place in town you can get your Karaoke rocks off . The menu is easy and affordable at Ryno’s ( we really like their Pizza) so it’s a great spot to bring a big group of friend’s and not have to worry about that one cheap buddy starting an argument about the bill. Ryno’s is essentially the best place to come get a beer, a shot, start making new friends then challenge them to a friendly match of competitive PacMan. So before Justin moves to Japan ( which we all know is on his radar) we wanted to venture down, say ” Kon’nichiwa” and let you find out why he is one of our favorite bartenders in town.

MA: Astrological Sign?
JP: Libra, I literally share the same Birthday as last weeks BOTW Alex G.
MA: That’s crazy

JP:Pembroke, Massachusetts.

MA: Summertime Hobby?
JP: Hiking, Drinking and Hangin Out

MA: So you have traveled to Japan quite extensively within the last year. What is it you love about the “Land of the Rising Sun” ?
JP: The food, I’m a big Ramen geek and eat it about twice a day when I’m there. The cocktail scene is out of control in Japan right now. It’ s clean, Tokyo is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen at night, the people are fun, I love Japanese cars, I’m a big Anime fan, the list goes on and on, it’s just one of my favorite places in the world.

MA: You have a couple of tattoos, what do you think your next tat will be?
JP: My tattoos are kind of a life story,so the next part of the story will include a Phoenix which will represent how I am always changing myself, and a Bird of Paradise because I have lived most often in beautiful places.

MA: What celebrity would you have play you in a movie?
JP: Dolph Lundgren

MA: Spirit Animal?
JP: Panda

MA: One thing you would bring on a deserted island?
JP: The ” Alice in Chains Unplugged” album

MA:Drink of Choice?
JP: Tequila Soda

MA: Pet Peeve when behind the Bar?
JP: The wave, I see you folks.

MA: One word description of yourself?
JP: Simple

MA: Top of your Bucket List?
JP: Go to all seven Continents.

MA: Most memorable moment Bartending?
JP: Titty Kitties
MA: For those that don’t know Titty Kitties occur when you take a sharpie and draw a cats face around ones nipple using the nipple as the nose. It is very artistic and great fun.

MA:Favorite thing about working at Ryno’s
JP: The easy going local crowd.

MA: A funny pick up line you have over heard?
JP:  ” How’s your salad you want to be Facebook friends ” that was literally used on a lady eating lunch outside today.

MA: Last Meal?
JP: Pizza

MA: If you could choose any current live act to see what would it be?
JP: The Roots

Now its time to come by Ryno’s, which is surely a rare place here in Aspen a place where being yourself is all the rage, say what’s up to Justin and  kick back a couple of drinks.


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