A Matty Art Show: Low Brow High Talent

In Blog, Events by Phoebe Loyd

The Matty Art Show Edition No. 2.:  not your typical Aspen art show folks.  When compared to other gallery shows in Aspen curator Matty Davis describes this pop-up art show as a ‘low brow’ version. Low brow could be somewhat refreshing when it comes to the numerous hoity-toity social events held in Aspen; but besides it’s unpretentious vibe and reasonable prices, we would argue nothing about the Art or Show is ‘lowered on the brow’.  Rather, to it’s core, this show is somethin’ extremely special. Matty Davis provides a venue for local upcoming artists to trend set, share, and support themselves through their passion – an opportunity not often found in Aspen. The talent is here, the art is exquisite, and the party will be popping. For a few artists this will be their public debut and for us, art lovers, it gives us the opportunity to fall in love with some original, beautiful art for reasonable prices. Win-win.

Not that we needed to give another reason to spin past the roundabout this Sat, but go on and add this to the top of the list. Swing by the Ranger Station located near at the entrance to the Free Concert Series between 6pm-11pm tomorrow (7/21). 18+ artists will be showcasing their art and Andrew Wickes will be playing the good tunes following the Spin Doctors. It’s going to be a party. An art party. Get out and show some love. The Earth without art is just ‘eh’ and you never know, that piece you brought home could be the next Picasso.

If you are interested in being part of the next art show please contact Matty Davis at mattydavisart@gmail.com