Au Revoir Frog, Mon Ami

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Dance, clap, shake your tail feather, and do the splits because that’s what he did, he celebrated life and that’s what he would want us to do. Frog was a friend of Aspen and the World, he spoke three of the earths most used languages, so he had friends in every corner of it. Having Scott Whitlock as a friend was nothing but a gift, he was one of those people you wanted to show off, to let others know you are all good because this is who you have as a buddy and now they do too. After the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight a couple of years back, I brought my Father to the Eagles club to meet Froggy and boy were we in for a treat. Froggy, who was bartending at the time gave my Dad a big hug, and told him he must be a great guy because he has a son like me (that was what Frog could do without batting an eye, compliment two people in one sentence. It was in his nature to do so). He then proceeded to do splits on the bar to entertain the four ladies that were there, and before I knew it we were all dancing, all of us even my Dad, with Frog as the ring leader of joy, a role that he was born into, one that he embraced. It was nice to be around someone who wasn’t caught up in all the negative the world has to offer; someone who saw the light, that emulated it so we could all get a glimpse and a little bit closer to it. I hope to be like that but without having his light shine first I would be less aware of my own. That’s how much he gave, he gave us a look through a window of happiness  a window he shut for no one. Scott was not only a giver of love but he protected those around him from the elements of this life that can be very unloving at times whether it be a scuffle on a bus or a heart wrenching break up he would step in to bring peace back in the midst of turmoil. It’s a trait so rarely seen and that’s what he had. Frog would step up to strife then smite it down with charm and compassion.

The mind of a linguist is a beautiful thing, and that’s what he was. So many times I would have him speak to me in French (even though I understand very little of it) he made it sound gorgeous the way I always thought it should. We used to joke, how could someone in there English tongue sound so butch, also sound so eloquent and sophisticated when speaking French. Language was just another way he could connect with more people of this earth. I like to think that was part of why he could speak three. There’s a level of respect achieved through speaking to someone in their native language, a respect that Scott no doubt thought everyone should be granted.

He was the most brotherly brother, the definition of generous, elevating the life in all those around him. He pretty much was a mood enhancing drug personified. There are so many things about him I hope to have live in me, the ability to see the positive in all, to have acceptance for people as they are with no desire to change them, and the gift of loving freely and without question. I know he will always be with me and all of us. Holding us up when we need it the most and clapping beside us when we dance. It’s times such as these his soul will be like a presence smiling that mustache covered smile. I will keep an undying love for my friend, for that is the energy he so graciously left behind, one of undying love. He should be remembered by having a good time because that’s what he was all about. So don’t be shy. Dance, love, give, engage life and all those in it, that is his legacy, one that leaves us all stronger. Take care of each other out there, just as he would have always taken care of us.

I miss you and love you Froggie, my friend.


Scott “Froggy” Whitlock’s memorial service will be on Saturday, July 15th at 10:30am at Isalan Field. A Celebration of Life will follow at the Fraternal Order of Aspen Eagles at 1pm that same day. We hope you can join us.



  1. Well said, beautiful thoughts. I keep coming back to his facebook page and seeing how so many people loved Scott and appreciated what he was all about. And, every time I look at the page, I just get a pit in my stomach and cannot quite accept that my old work companion and traveling buddy is no longer here. I was really hoping to see him again and hear about his life, which sounds remarkable.
    Scott was unique. He could go anywhere and fit in and appreciate the present. Not a mean bone in his body. He was like a big Golden Retriever.
    I was following his adventures in France just a few weeks or so ago. He made the moist out of life, that is for sure.
    I wish I could attend his services but cannot at this time. I hope to get out there to pay my respects at some point soon.

  2. I’m proud to have known you and call you my friend. Your spirit will always live on in the vally and never be forgotten.

  3. Miller – you nailed it! Thanks for taking the time to exhale all these poignant and beautiful words about Scott/Froggy. He too, was a great writer and a lover of how words dance across a page. I feel certain he would have liked what you set down here in his honor! Thank you, my friend. xo C

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