Mind Your Manners

In 'Messenger Party' Photos, Blog, Events by Phoebe Loyd

Messenger loves a naughty woman more than most.  Although, we suspect our modern Aspen gurl gang could make Harriet Wheeler flush the scarlet red that swathes the new speakeasy donning her name.  The swanky Bad Harriet Lounge invites guests to throw back cocktails and apps named after strong, saucy women throughout time.  This celebration of sisterhood seems apt since mountain dames possess a certain heartiness further rooted in a survival of the fittest mentality.  The irony, or not, is that Harriet eschewed our sleepy little town nestled deep in the rockies.  Messenger doubts the historic Harriet would appreciate the pomp and circumstance of this new Jerome Hotel joint…but we can promise you this, “real” women in Aspen are sure to luv it! 

Reservations required: (970) 920-1000