Bartender of the Week: Ash G.

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Just a heads up, we Love, LoVe, LOVE our BOTW Ashley Gyder. She has been a friend to Messenger Aspen since day 1 and some of us here have even had the “joy” (haha) of working with her. It’s not to far fetched to say that if you get to know Ash and you are any semblance of a normal human being you will become good friends. Ash has the uncanny knack of seeing the silver-lining in almost everyone and making even the most introverted person break out of their shell. That being said our wonderful friend can also serve up a heavy dose of sass when needed and in all honesty that is one of the qualities about her that we find the most endearing. These days you can find this Little Angel over at “New Belgium’s” Ranger Station in Snowmass. Ranger station truly caters to the laid back vibe we all hold dear here in the mountains. The Station also hosts some great weekly events like Trivia on Wednesdays and live music on Fridays so other than Ash these are some great reasons to swing by and grab a drink. Ashley is a Phishhead ( leave your judgments behind please) it’s a part of this Baby Chicken’s identity, and fyi she’s no “wook” she’s just a person that highly enjoys a good jam. Under every Phish phan is a traveling soul that is full of wanderlust and a spirit of playfulness, Ash has one of these souls and its just another reason we admire her. You like to laugh [ Check] , You like to be given complements [ Check] , Ash has got it taken care of, with a little bit of sauce to boot.So, let’s delve in and see what keeps our friend ” Bouncing around the room”.
MA: Astrological Sign?
AG: Taurus
MA: Hometown?
AG: Phoenix, AZ
MA: Top of your bucket list?
AG: I want to go diving and see an octopus.
MA: A place that you haven’t traveled yet that you would like to?
AG: The Maldives.
MA: Celebrity Crush?
AG: John Krasinski
MA: Favorite Drink?
AG: Tequila with an orange.
MA: Hidden Talent?
AG: I know sign language.
MA: Guilty Pleasure?
AG: Sun bathing all day, instead of doing physical activities.
MA: Spirit Animal?
AG: Splinter the Rat.
MA: One word description of yourself?
AG: It’s not one word but “pain the ass” works.
MA: What would you have for your last meal?
AG: Steak House 316’s bar steak.
MA: Whats your favorite pop song you like to dance to?
AG: Taylor Swift ” Shake it Off”.
MA: Favorite Phish song?
AG: It all started with “Contact”.
MA: Hobbies?
AG: Phish and Snowboarding.
MA: Pet Peeve?
AG: When people tell me to smile more. ” Is that bad?”
MA: No, it’s up to you if people get to see you smile or not…hahaha.
MA: One thing you would take on a deserted island with you?
AG: Chap Stick.
MA: A live act that you would like to see but haven’t?
AG: A laser art show.
MA: A sports team that you like to cheer for?
AG: The one that my moneys on.
MA: You win best answer to that question, ever.
MA: The best part about working at Ranger Station?
AG: The laid back atmosphere , the view, and everybody who walks in is super chill.
MA: Favorite Saying?
AG: Porque No?
Ok, you probably can see why we love her now, she’s obviously hilarious. It’s with out a doubt that Ash and the Messenger crew are “Birds of a Feather”  now go over to the Ranger Station as soon as you can and find out if you are too. Cheers Everybody.

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