Bartender of the Week: Josh B.

In Events by Phoebe Loyd

Alright folks we are back with a brand new BOTW for ya and we are not going to disappoint. Josh Blastos aka ” The Kid” of Escobar is one of a kind, his work ethic alone sets him apart from most human beings. Nothing against Millennials but you guys don’t have the best reputation when it come to getting dirt under your nails,  Josh is here to prove that stereotype wrong. On top of being a stellar worker Josh is just an all around unselfish person, we see him as a Gentle Giant who no matter what is constantly streaming an air of positivity . His work home ,Escobar Patio is in full effect this summer and is still, with out doubt, the best place to sip a beverage while people watching. Its like a dog show/fashion show everyday out there, and there’s no price for admission. Look this town is full of unique and interesting individuals and that’s why we love it but when it comes to ” The Kid ” Josh Blastos, what we have here is what we like to refer to as the real ” Salt of the Earth” and these days thats about as unique as it gets. This dude is honest with unwavering loyalty (that’s no BS) go by and hang with him for a sec, we promise the proof is in the pudding.  Now if this isn’t someone you would like in your corner then you might want to get your head checked, speaking of heads lets see what’s going on in “The Kids”.
MA: Hometown?
JB: Litchfield, New Hampshire.
MA: Astrological Sign?
JB: Cancer, just had a birthday on 7/17.
MA:Celebrity Crush?
JB: Betty White.
MA: HAHAHA…That has to be the best answer to that question we have had.
MA: Spirit Animal?
JB: Tiger.
MA: Top of your bucket list?
JB: To go skydiving on Lysergic Acid Diethylamde.
MA: That sounds like a real trip (see what we did there).
MA: One word description of yourself?
JB: Loyal.
MA: What would you have for your last Meal?
JB: A lobster Roll and oysters Rockefeller.
MA: Favorite Sports Team to cheer for?
JB: Baltimore Ravens.
MA: Guilty Pleasure?
JB: Having a little to much fun.
MA: One place you would like to travel?
JB: Greece.
MA: One thing you would bring on a deserted island with you?
JB: A water purifier.
MA: Very practical, bud.
MA: Favorite Jam ?
JB: Salt and Pepper ” Push It”.
MA: Words to Live by?
JB: ” The Golden Rule”. Treat others how you would like to be treated.
MA: Favorite part about working at Escobar?
JB: I like working fast, I like working hard and I like being social,  so its a perfect job for me.
MA: Hidden Talent ?
JB: Being a sober driver.
MA: Favorite Drink?
JB: Casa Amigos Anejo.
MA: A live show that you would like to see?
JB: Dave Chappelle’s stand up, so mad i missed that when it was here.
MA: If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing what would it be?
JB: Don’t move to Florida.
MA: HAHAHA…That is just awesome.
 Never a dull moment with that one, just another reason why we love him. We don’t even have to go out on a limb to say that the entire rough and tumble Food and Beverage community in this funny little town Loves this ” KID” and that’s why we had to steer your compass towards the watering hole called Escobar Patio, now go talk some shit to Mr. Blastos he’s always great with a witty come back.
Cheers Everybody.