Bartender of the Week: Kayla F.

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As mother nature conducts her beautiful changes around us, it felt appropriate to bring you a BOTW that is nothing short of a conductor of joy for those around her, Kayla Feld. It quickly became apparent that when we asked her “what makes her happiest?’ it was not just one thing, it was literally life itself. Weird and crazy are on common when it comes to what spices she likes to throw into life’s recipe and working at Jimmy’s allows her to explore her free spirit. For any time you have the pleasure to walk into her running the show you not only get a Bartender, you get a a master of ceremonies who’s main goal is to bring people pleasure. It doesn’t hurt that one of our past badass BOTW Lauren Redfern is usually her partner in crime as they hold court. Be careful because even if you are planning on coming in for a quick meal/drink you might just find yourself there three hours later closing down the bar and blasting 80’s music. This BOTW has the presence of a loving, mystical, woodland fairy, who just flows with all that is happening around her. Here’s some fun facts…
MA: Astrological Sign?
KF: Sagittarius.
MA: Hometown?
KF: East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.
MA: Favorite 90’s Jam?
KF: Literally all of them…
MA: Guilty Pleasure?
KF: Watching the Bachelorette.
MA: Drink of Choice?
KF: Tequila.
MA: Top of your Bucket List?
KF: To go Skydiving but it scares the shit out of me.
MA: Celebrity Crush?
KF: Leonardo DiCaprio.
MA: Spirit Animal?
KF: Tigger, because I bounce around everywhere.
MA: Now that is a spot on spirit animal, if we have ever heard one.
MA: One Word Description of Yourself?
KF: Joyful, my middle names Joy.
MA: What is your favorite part about working at Jimmy’s?
KF: The freedom I have to be myself and the people I get to share that with.
MA: Biggest Influence?
KF: My Mom, she’s made me who I am, and I’m slowly becoming her in all the best ways.
MA: Favorite live act that you have seen?
KF: David Byrne.
MA: What would you have as your last Meal?
MA: HAHA…that is awesome.
MA: One thing you would bring on a deserted island with you?
KF: Lauren Redfern, so she can entertain me.
MA: Favorite sports team to Cheer for?
KF: The Red Sox.
MA: What live act would you like to see?
KF: Paul Simon.
MA: Where would you travel if you could go anywhere?
KF: Thailand.
Well if you like things that make you smile, we have found the Bartender for you, so head on over to Jimmy’s and prepare yourself for an all around treat called Kayla Feld. The jams are sure to be pumpeth and your cup will definitely runneth over with laughter. We just have to say thanks to Kayla for being around and throwing her positivity to everyone she comes in contact with.
Cheers Everybody.