Bartender of the Week: Alex G

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We here at Messenger feel that a good combination punch tends to always get the point across. That’s just what has happened with Jimmy’s American restaurant and Jimmy’s Bodega,  these two great spots are sure to knock your socks off. So after having last weeks BOTW hail from Jimmy’s we thought that it was appropriate to head on over to Bodega for our newest BOTW Alex Guevara. Jimmy’s Bodega has provided us with some of the best seafood in the valley, and it does so with the consistence that we have come to expect with any establishment that has Jimmy’s name attached to it. The patio at Jimmy’s Bodega is a summer time fixture here in Aspen, and is a spot that one can see and be seen, all while kicking back some shots of Mezcal (Bodega’s signature libation). There might be a lot of Mezcal lovers here in Aspen but  Alex is probably one of the biggest, so much so that he knows the traditional toast that proceeds the ingestion of this unique spirit, so get ready to have a little bit of knowledge dropped on you as we get to know the our BOTW Alex Guevara.
MA: Astrological Sign?
AG: Libra
MA: Birthplace?
AG: Born and raised in Pasadena, California’
MA: Drink of choice?
MA: Dream destination to travel?
AG: Ireland so I can take a tour of all the distilleries
MA: What celebrity would you cast to play yourself in a movie?
AG: That’s easy, the guy from “Super Troopers” Jay Chandrasekhar, we are basically identical twins that were separated at birth.
MA: If you had to pick a Super Power what would it be?
AG: Flight, I want to see the skies.
MA: Spirit Animal?
AG: Penguin
MA: One thing you would bring on a deserted island?
AG: Hula hoop
MA: Tell us a little about the toast with Mezcal that you do at Bodega?
AG: So Mezcal comes from the Oaxacan region of Mexico, before the Spanish invaded the Zapotec empire ruled that region. The Zapotec language was almost eradicated during Spanish rule however it held fast and one of the ways it did so was through Mezcal related traditions. The toast which is a staple in that tradition is “Stigi beu”  and it roughly means ” To One Connected Life”.
MA: That’s an awesome toast.
MA: One word description of yourself?
AG: Eclectic
MA: Boxers or Briefs?
AG: Nope
MA: Top thing on your Bucket list?
AG: To go to Japan.
MA: Favorite thing about working at Jimmy’s Bodega?
AG: The Family that are the people I work with.
MA: Pet Peeve when you bartend?
AS: When some one whistles at us.
MA: Hobby
AG: Playing with my cats.
MA: A live performance that you would like to see?
AG: Hamilton
MA: Memorable Moment from bartending?
AG: Anytime someone tells me they loved the drink I made them.
Its always a good time at Jimmy’s bodega thanks in part to friendly folks like Alex . What a great place to forget all your worries and start living in the “Stigi Beu” frame of mind.

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