Bartender of the Week: Ben S

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The summer season is officially in full effect, and that can mean only one thing, it’s PATIO TIME. Everyone knows Aspen’s patio game is on point. It should be no surprise that the first BOW for this summer is Ben Siegel, who hails from the one and only Esco Bar Patio, the OG of Aspen patio life. Some may not know that Esco Bar lit a fire in the patio scene seven years ago when they were the first in the Hyman mall to acquire a liquor license. It is easy to see that these days many have followed suit but it is also undeniable that Esco Bar patio remains one of the best places to hangout and people watch in Colorado. Thanks guys for sticking around for the long run, we all look forward to sipping some cold and delicious beverages during Aspen’s gorgeous sunny summer days. So without further adieu, lets get to know the man behind this seasons summer time magic at Esco Patio, Ben Siegel.

MA: Astrological sign?
BS: Aries

MA: Home town?
BS: Sleepy Hollow,NY. Yep its the one with the “Headless Horseman”.

MA: Personal drink of choice?
BS: Ketel soda with a lime. Lime shouldn’t have to be said, cause if you don’t put it in you need to stop bartending.

MA: Summertime Hobby?
BS: Riding my bicycle, paddle boarding and dirt biking.

MA:Favorite place to travel?
BS: Munich Germany, for Oktoberfest.

MA: Celebrity crush?
BS: Jennifer Aniston, she’s insanely hot.

MA: AN interesting fact about you that not many people may know?
BS: I used to be chubby.
MA: Wow i would have never of guessed.

MA: Pet peeve when you are bartending ?
BS: People who buy a round for their friends then don’t tip.

MA:Whats your spirit animal?
BS: The Tiger, they are majestic like me.

MA:What is the one luxury item you would want to have with on a deserted island?
BS: A truckload of Jameson.

MA:Most memorable moment while bartending?
BS: Getting slapped in the face with my own bar mat by one of my patrons while I was working. Needless to say I was not happy about that.

MS: Who is one of the biggest influences in your life?
BS: Chris Roberts of Aspen Hatter, he’s a great dude, and kind of like a big brother to me.

MS: Interesting Booze fact you tell costumers?
BS: Tequila is an upper.

MS: One word to describe you?
BS: Hilarious

MS: Favorite musician at the moment?
BS: Neil Young

MS:Whats the best thing about working at Esco Bar Patio?
BS: Being out doors in Aspen, and getting to look at hot women and cute puppies.

So if you want to have a great day in the open air while sipping on your favorite beverage come by Esco Bar patio. You likely be served by one of the nicest guys you can run across in Aspen, our good buddy Ben Siegel.

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