Bartender of the Week: Brantt S

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It’s off-season folks, and we here at Messenger thought you should know that Ellina (now more than ever) is the place to be. With 30% off all menu items and 20% off select wines, what more do we need to say to get you down to this killer spot. We also know that Brantt “Chief” Schmanko, our Bartender of the Week, is there as well. He’s a grade-A badass who’s ready to put a smile on your face and a drink in your hand. There are few places in our valley, much less in state, that have the consistency and caliber of cuisine, wine, and ambiance that Ellina does. This establishment is the type of place that no one drops by just once. After you find a drink or dish you enjoy there (which isn’t hard to do) you will find yourself drawn back over and over for more.** Our BOTW Chief has been slinging drinks for quite some time. The man is quick, cordial, and a friend to all who step through the doors at Ellina. We thought it would be a disservice if any more time passed without letting you get to know the man we call Chief. So ladies and gents … here he is…
**There are some locals currently seeking treatment to help with their cravings for the Chicken Milanese.
Messenger Aspen: Astrological sign?
Chief: Scorpio.
MA: Hometown?
Chief: Nutley, New Jersey.
MA: Hobby?
Chief: Going to live shows.
MA: Top of your bucket list?
Chief: Travel to Asia.
MA: What is your spirit animal?
Chief: Wolf, Bear, and Owl.
MA: So… a spirit animal totem pole? I like.
MA: One thing you would take on a deserted island with you?
Chief: Music.
MA: Favorite 90s jam/song?
Chief: “Even Flow” by Pearl Jam.
MA: If you could get rid of one state in the U.S., which one would it be?
Chief: North Dakota.
MA: Haha… that’s a very strategic answer.
MA: Drink of Choice?
Chief: Tequila.
MA: Your favorite sports teams to cheer for?
Chief: The Yankees and the Oakland Raiders.
MA: Celebrity Crush?
Chief: Grace Potter.
MA: One word description of yourself?
Chief: Loyal.
MA: Pet Peeve while bartending?
Chief: People on their cell phones.
MA: Guilty Pleasure?
Chief: Staying out too late.
MA: What would you choose to have for your last meal?
Chief: Thai food.
MA: Favorite live act that you have seen?
Chief: It’s a tie between The Black Crowes and The Allman Brothers.
MA: Favorite part about working at Ellina?
Chief: Our music selection and the fact that I get to meet people from all around the planet.
So I’ve left it up to you to come say hi to Chief — not only to talk music and grab a drink with him, but to also find out how he got such a cool nickname.  Make your way over to Ellina and take advantage of their off-season deals that will surely get you hooked for years to come.

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