Bartender of the Week: Cameron F.

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No other ski town in America can boast having an establishment like Belly Up. With big names and fresh new acts on constant rotation through its doors, we here in Aspen are truly a lucky bunch. At Messenger, we can’t event count how many times it’s been brought up as one of the great joys of living in the valley. Our Bartender of the Week, Cameron Faryadi, is one of the gentleman (and gentlewomen), who makes sure you keep a drink in your hand and a smile on your face when you find yourself at this world-class venue. What we ascertained when speaking to him is that you can’t have a dull night at work when this joint is your office. Just take a sec and think about your favorite Belly Up moment (if you can narrow it down to just one). Now savor the smile that thought just put on your face. Don’t fret if you haven’t been able to experience all this place has to show case; it’s not going anywhere. Working at Belly Up has given Cameron the pleasure to take in one-of-a-kind performances all while rubbing shoulders with some very interesting folks. Whether those folks are partiers living it up to the fullest or someone that holds a place high on your playlist, it really just depends on the night. He makes it easy to see why he never minds clocking in to this gig.

Messenger Aspen: Astrological sign?
Cameron Faryadi: Aquarius.

MA: Hometown?
CF: Charlotte, North Carolina.

MA: Hobbies?
CF: Skiing, playing the violin, rock climbing, and disc golf.

MA: Favorite mountain to ski?
CF: Ajax.

MA: Favorite run?
CF: Top-to-bottom shredders are always great.

MA: Guilty pleasure?
CF: Early 2000s pop.

MA: Well in that case, what’s your favorite early 2000s pop song?
CF: “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

MA: Top of your bucket list?
CF: Traveling the world as much as possible.

MA: Celebrity crushes?
CF: Johnny Depp.

MA: Pet peeve while bartending?
CF: Other bartenders not putting shit back where it belongs.

MA: Spirit animal?
CF: Dog.

MA: How about a fun experience that you have had with the talent that’s come through Belly Up?

CF: So David Spade had just headlined a show, and while we were closing up he was standing at the box office. I walked by him without seeing him, he then turned, pointed at me and said ” Hey Spade, hey there’s David Spade.” Apparently he thought I looked a lot like him.
MA: I can see that.

MA: One thing you would take on a deserted island with you?
CF: My violin.

MA: One word description of yourself?
CF: Camtastic.
MA: HAHAHA… that is a great description.

MA: Do you collect anything?
CF: Experiences.

MA: Favorite sports team to cheer for?
CF: The Carolina Panthers.

MA: Best thing about working at Belly Up?
CF: Slinging high-speed drinks while listening to some really cool DJs.

MA: Any funny pick up lines you have overheard while bartending?
CF: I actually have. It went something like, “How do you like your eggs? Scrambled or fertilized?”
MA: Ohh… wow.

MA: What’s a act you would like to see come through Belly Up?
CF: It would be really cool if we got a metal show to come through. “Lamb of God” would be amazing at Belly Up.

Hop online sooner than later and find a couple of shows that turn you on, as experiences at Belly Up add a very special spice to the lives we live here in Aspen. And don’t forget to say what’s up to David Spade behind the bar.


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