Bartender of the Week: CJ

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We are going a little off the grid for our BOTW Chris Johnson (CJ). So there’s a place in Aspen that hides on the edge of town. It’s the Eagles Club, whether you are a member, have been a guest of a member or just heard about it in passing this place really stands alone both figuratively and literally. The Eagles Club differs from most of the establishments around these parts in that it is a members only club but that has never held it back when it comes to level of fun that can be had there. Any member can bring guests, and many a company party has been held there so it is by no means exclusive, if anything it’s a place for locals by locals. It is always good to be nice to everyone no matter what the case but that goes double here in Aspen because you never know when you might get a random invite from a new found friend to join them for a beverage at this hidden gem. It’s not only home base for our BOTW CJ it also boasts every bar game known to man including Ping-Pong, as well as a big ass patio that over looks the Roaring Fork River. It goes without saying that all the members know and love CJ  so it’s high time that the rest of us get to know this wonderful dude.
(For effect: As one reads this interview picture CJ wearing his trademark shit-eating grin and it will surely add to the laughs.)
MA: Astrological sign?
CJ: Scorpio
CJ: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
MA: Guilty Pleasure?
CJ: Candy
MA: Summer Hobby?
CJ: Golfing
MA: Dream location that you would like to visit?
CJ: Ireland
MA: Celebrity Crush?
CJ: Jennifer Aniston
MA: Wow, she’s still got it, that’s the second week that we have had that answer.
MA: Interesting fact about you?
CJ: I’m one of the only sober bartenders in Aspen.
MA: Pet Peeve?
CJ: Tourists
MA: Good thing you don’t see many of those here.
MA: One thing you would bring with you on a deserted island?
CJ: My Girlfriend
MA: Favorite Football Teams?
CJ: Packers and Badgers
MA: Most memorable moment from bartending?
CJ: From this place it’s got to be when some girls started dancing and doing splits on the bar.
MA: A short description of you?
CJ: Genuine Asshole
MA: Biggest influence in your life?
CJ: My Mother
MA: Interesting Booze fact you tell folks?
CJ: This is a simple bar if you want something fancy go to J-Bar.
MA: Favorite music to play here at the Eagles Club?
CJ: Country
MA: Favorite thing about the Eagles Club?
CJ: Our members and the people that come in for a drink with them.
MA: Spirit Animal?
CJ: I have no clue, I need to google it.
MA: Maybe your pic can help.
Now that you have some insight on what’s going down at the one and only Aspen Eagles Club, make sure to keep your eye out for CJ around town and if you ask nice he may let you be his guest for the day as he heads in for another shift of pouring drinks for our thirsty locals.

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