Bartender of the Week: Eliza

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Eliza, Eliza, Eliza. Whether you’re looking for help on where to book your next Igloo tour in Aspen or you’re extremely tired at 1am and need to chug RedBull and Tequila.. This girl always has your back. From Sky to Rickhouse we present to you Eliza – your sassy, outgoing, and no bullshit bartender. We here at Messenger Aspen are so excited that we got to pick her brain about what it’s like to bartend in our little mountain town, this wolf is ready to let you know! Tune in here to get to know a little bit more about this mamacita:


MA: Astrological sign

EH: Taurus, what’s yours?

MA: Don’t worry ‘bout it.

MA: Birth place?

EH: New York City

MA: What do you miss most about The Big Apple?

EH: I miss the food and the fact that I can get it delivered at 4 AM.

MA:How long have you been working here?

EH: About 2 month since we opened, but I have been bartending for 10 years.

MA:What’s your drink of choice?

EH:: Mezcal on the rocks, but don’t give me too much or else you’ll be in for a crazy night.. *pours herself a mezcal* MA: Oh no. EH: What? I know it’s gonna be a goooood night if I start with this 😉

MA:Do you have a collection or hobby?

EH: She loves stand up comedy, and drinking.

MA: Do you have a favorite joke?

EH: It’s all about my last name man. It provides so many jokes and if I make fun of it myself other people won’t.

MA:Who was your celebrity crush on in high school?

EH: Heath Ledger and Josh Hartnett.


MA:What’s an interesting fact about you?

EH: Her ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence.  

MA: What is your absolute biggest pet peeve?

EH: People snapping their fingers or people handing me change. I’ve literally thrown coins at peoples face before, just don’t.. okay?

MA:  What’s your favorite pastime?

EH: Snowboarding

MA:  If you were a wild animal, what would you be?

EH: A Wolf. Mainly because of the movie The Hangover, I watched it and realized I related so much. I used to think I was a lone wolf but now I realize I have a wolf pack, and it’s called Aspen.

MA:  If you were on a deserted island, what’s one thing would you want with you?

EH: Booze!

MA:  Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

EH: My Godmother.

MA:  What is your favorite sport to watch?

EH: Men’s Lacrosse because their graceful and violent.

MA: What is your favorite TV show?

EH: That’s 70’s show.

MA:  Describe yourself in one word:

EH: Sassy

MA: What’s your most embarrassing/memorable moment behind the bar?

EH: My friend and I used to spray down behind the bar so we could slide around easier, but one time it backfired. I had two full beers in my hand and I slipped on my ass in front of a full bar!

MA:  What’s your most interesting booze fact?

EH:: Tequila can have many booze.

MA: Favorite Mountain?

EH: Snowmass because it has everything.

MA: What’s your favorite pick-up line?


MA: What?

EH: It broke the ice!! It works everytime!

MA: What’s the most money you’ve drunkenly spent at McDonalds?

EH: $30 dollars. I bought a huge box of chicken nuggets, fries and a milkshake. Then I dipped the nuggets and fries in it.

MA: What’s the longest you’ve gone without showering?

EH: 4 days, when I taught snowboarding in Maine.

MA: How old were you when you realized that Santa and the Easter Bunny probably never knew each other in real life?

EH: 8 years old.

MA: Who was your favorite spice girl?

EH: Posh and Scary Spice.

MA: How long do you continue to eat after you’re already full?

EH: Till my plate is empty.

MA: Who would you love to punch directly in the face?

EH: Can’t answer that one in this town.. Sorry!

MA: Have you been to any Messenger Aspen parties?

EH: Yes! I love them and the messenger girls! I think the parties help bring people from different groups together, and that is awesome.

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