Bartender of the Week: Jaila J

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It’s been a week already?! Hold on to your horses, Messenger Aspen’s Bartender of the Week is here!

After trudging through the slushy streets we stumbled into a urban Mexican cavern. Day of the dead skulls hung from the ceiling, the loud music poured from the speakers and the bar banter echoed into ambient sound around our ears. Chips were tossed in front of us and a gentleman walked by with a barrel of cut limes, enough to pump out hundreds of margaritas . We’d come to the right spot. If the atmosphere wasn’t enough, this is where we found our golden Messenger Aspen ‘Bartender of the Week’. As we bellied up to the bar, there she was: stabbing drink tickets as fast as they were popping up all while yelling at cheeky patrons and snapping off the caps to beers while sinking them in the trash faster than a Mexican stand off. DAYUMMM, is all we could say. LAAAADIES AND GENTLEMAN this ‘Bartender of the Week’ goes to the enchanting, tongue-in-cheek, cattle-calling, stunning and cunning young mamacita by the name of Jaila J. If you haven’t had the chance to meet her yet, crawl out from that cactus you’ve been hiding behind or if your too shy, just read the interview below.

MA: Astrological sign
JJ: Virgo… a very nervous virgo right now

MA: Birth place?
JJ: Brownsberg, Indiana

MA:How long have you been working here?
JJ: Long enough to know the draft beers  

MA:What’s your drink of choice?
JJ: my face

MA:Do you have a collection or hobby?
JJ: Collection of tea..just kidding. I like Baking. 

MA: Flip cup of Beer pong?
Better at beer pong but I have more room to improve in flip cup

MA:Who was your celebrity crush on in high school?
JJ: Heath Ledger and Dave Matthews, but mostly Dave.

MA:How many people can you name at the bar right now?
JJ: 5
MA:How many have you slept with?
JJ: 1
MA:How many would you sleep with?
JJ: 2…Hah just kidding….WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??

MA:What’s an interesting fact about you?
Do you want to see it?
MA: WHOA…..your eyes brows can do the worm!
And I can clap with one hand…

MA: What is your absolute biggest pet peeve?
JJ: Bad work ethic.  

MA:  What’s your favorite pastime?
JJ: Laying naked by the fire on a bearskin rug with a bottle of Jack Daniels

MA:  If you were a wild animal, what would you be?
JJ: How wild? Persian cat. Meow…

MA:  If you were on a deserted island, what’s one thing would you want with you?
JJ: A dude. Hah.

MA:  Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
JJ: My mom… and Oprah

MA:  What is your favorite sport to watch?
JJ: Football!

MA: What is your favorite TV show?
JJ: Weedicate on Viceland

MA:  Describe yourself in one word:
JJ: Up-beat

MA: What’s your most embarrassing/memorable moment behind the bar?
JJ: The fellows from a local dispensary came in here before regulations with a shot of ‘chocolate milk’. After I couldn’t look at any of my customers and pretended I had lots of computer stuff to do. I started tripping BALLS.

MA:  What’s your most interesting booze fact?
JJ: Red wine and tequila don’t mix.

MA:  When can people find you here for a drink?
JJ: It’s a hot mess. It’s really random and a gamble. Soooo when you’re lucky 😉

MA: Siblings?
A have a sister who is 2 years older

MA: Favorite Mountain?
JJ: Mt. St. Helens.

MA: What keeps you in Aspen?
JJ: Oh My gosh. The mountains and activities and the people. The cool people. There’s just so much stuff to do.

MA: What’s your favorite pick-up line?
JJ: Wanna know the difference between a boner and a Ferrari…I don’t have a Ferrari 😉 

MA: What’s your all time favorite halloween costume?
JJ: Black Cat. I was a black cat for 6 years in a row and then people started saying things and I switched it up and have never had as much fun.

Why not toss the dice and take a gamble- swing by Mi Chola and you might have the pleasure of meeting Ms. Jaila J.


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