Bartender of the Week: James H

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HOPS Culture has all things beer on lock. And with 30 on tap and 250 in-house, even the pickiest of palates will find a bubbly barley-based beverage to quench their thirst. Our Bartender of the Week James Christopher Harvey not only slings brews at this laid-back gastropub, he also can be found doing everything else under the sun to keep the drinks flowing. The gent is truly a jack of all trades. James informed us that HOPS will have its doors open all off-season, and with football games galore still to be watched, their 10 TVs will surely come in handy.

Located at the heart of the Hyman Avenue Walking Mall, this three-year-old pub quickly became a favorite watering hole for locals and tourists alike. The friendly and welcoming decor echoes the demeanor of the staff, making HOPS a comfortable place to bring the fam or a raucous stop during a night on the town. It was a blast sitting down with James, having some laughs, and really getting to see what this extreme dude is up to. Hint: His average day off looks more like an action movie.

Messenger Aspen: Hometown?
James Harvey: Phoenix, Arizona.

MA: Astrological sign?
JH: Aquarius.

MA: Top of your bucket list?
JH: Base jumping.
MA: Now that’s a bucket list item if we have ever heard one.

MA: Guilty pleasure?
JH: Shooting guns.
MA: Should we change your last name to Bond?

MA:Spirit animal?
JH: An eagle.

MA: One thing you would take with you on a deserted island?
JH: A boom box with a dope playlist,  so I could dance the days away.

MA:One word description of yourself?
JH: Cool.

MA:Drink of choice?
JH: An IPA or a nice whiskey.

MA: Favorite 90s jam?
JH: “Summertime” by Will Smith.

MA: What U.S. state would you get rid off?
JH: Arkansas.

MA: What current live act would you like to see?
JH: DJ Shadow.

MA: What would you have for your last meal?
JH: Huevos rancheros.

MA: What’s your favorite mountain to ski?
JH: Snowmass.

MA: Hobbies?
JH: Badminton, rock climbing, paddle boarding, snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing.
MA: Badminton…Huh?

MA:Favorite team to cheer for?
JH: The Broncos.

There’s no doubt that here at HOPS they have a stout, ale, lager, or some other type of frothy beverage that will put a smile on your face as you whet your whistle. And make sure to come by and have a beer with Aspen’s next action hero, James Harvey, before he starts jumping off mountains in his free time. With this guy there’s never a dull moment. And that’s the way we like it!


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