Bartender of the Week: Johnny Love

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Bartender of the Week is here, let us introduce to you Mr. Love! This man is full of surprises – Ask him about having a race horse in Texas (which is very successful for all you gamblers out there) and a french sandwich served in the Aussie run Victoria’s Wine Bar named after him. He may come off as a little shy but belly up to the bar every Tuesday – Saturday and let Johnny Love pour you a glass of vino or mix up a drink to your liking, this man has got stories to boot. Johnny Love is one of the last real Free Skier local legends around and a man you wouldn’t be able to forget if you tried.

MA: Astrological sign?
JL: Aquarius

MA: Birth place?
JL: New York City

MA: How long have you been working here?
JL: Over 2 years

MA: What’s your drink of choice?
JL: What I’m drinking. Lately it’s been a beer and a shot of yeager.

MA: Do you have a collection or hobby?
JL: Trail map collection.

MA: Who was your celebrity crush on in high school?
JL: Madonna

MA: What’s an interesting fact about you?
JL: I’m not really 6 ft tall

MA: What is your absolute biggest pet peeve?
JL: When someone says ‘hey you’

MA: What’s your favorite pastime:
JL: Chilling and oh skiing

MA: If you were a wild animal, what would you be?
JL: White tiger

MA: If you were on a deserted island, what one thing would you want with you?
JL: A wo-man, does that count? Then it wouldn’t be deserted..

MA: What is your favorite sport to watch?
JL: Hockey

MA: What is your favorite TV show?
JL: Breaking Bad

MA: Describe yourself in one word?
JL: Instigator

MA: What’s your most embarrassing/memorable moment behind the bar?
JL: When I spilled a glass of red wine on a very pretty girl’s dress

MA: What’s your most interesting booze fact?
JL: There’s not opium in Jaegermeister

MA: Siblings?
Two sisters

MA: Favorite Mountain?
JL: Aspen

MA: What keeps you in Aspen?
JL: The sheer beauty

MA: What’s your favorite pick-up line?
JL: I think I dropped my sunglasses… (usually a have already dropped them strategically)

MA:  What’s your favorite halloween costume?
The funnel ghost


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