Bartender of the Week: Lauren R

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Jimmy’s is a locals favorite and an all around rad place. It’s no wonder our BOTW Lauren Redfern works here, she’s rad as well, and she slays it behind the bar with a smile on her face, all week. Now if you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy the namesake and owner of this establishment you would quickly see that he’s approachable, sophisticated and a community minded gentleman . Jimmy’s restaurant is a lot like its owner, its a place where you can let your hair down but also bring any family member that may visit (no matter how square). A joint where you can take the kids for dinner or come party with your friends, and its due to this fact that it has been a cornerstone of the Aspen experience for quite some time. From delicious food to a fabulous cocktail selection there really isn’t much left to be desired once you step foot through the door, it’s all right here waiting for you. One more thing that should be touched on is that Jimmy’s kitchen stays open late so you can grab a bite all the way until 11 o’clock, its things like this that keep locals and tourists alike coming back for more.The Fourth of July will soon be here and we picked a real Firecracker BOTW, Ms. Redfern herself to keep the patriotism following, so lets delve into this wonderful gingers brain, and see what makes her tick.
MA:Astrological Sign ?
RF: Aquarius
MA:Birth place?
RF: Aspen
MA:Drink of Choice?
RF: Dolce Caliente; its a cocktail with tequila, lime juice, muddled cucumber and jalapeno with a little St.Germain for sweetness.
MA: Summertime Hobbies?
RF: Mountain biking, paddle boarding, and anything fun
MA:Dream  travel destination?
RF: Bali
MA:Celebrity Crush?
RF: Channing Tatum
MA:Whats an advantage of being a female bartender?
RF: You get to flirt, have fun and be sassy all while feeling the empowerment that comes with being a female in a male dominated field.
MA:Pet Peeve?
RF: Rude People ie. Finger Snappers
MA:Spirit Animal?
RF: The Lioness
MA: One thing you would take with you on a deserted island?
RF: A guitar so I could learn how to play it.
MA: Worst pick up line that’s been used on you?
RF: ” Do those eyes look as good in the dark?”
MA: Just Wow
MA:One word description for yourself?
RF: Vivacious
MA:So what do “They” mean when “They” say ” there’s just something about those red heads”?
RF: I think “they” mean that we just don’t give a shit, which is true.
MA: Interesting Booze Fact?
RF: I know everything there is to know about Mezcal, so come by and lets chat.
MA: Whats your favorite thing about working at Jimmy’s?
RF:Everything really, the people I work with ,the people that come here to have a great time and just being apart of the town.
MA;Favorite live Musical act?
RF: Wide Spread Panic
MA:Most Memorable moment behind the bar?
RF: I made Oats from “Hall and Oats” the most badass margarita ever.
It’s fitting that a Aspen native represents Jimmy’s a Aspen staple, come on over some time and grab a shot of mezcal, Redfern will be waiting on ya with eyes so blue that some guys turn into idiots while wondering what they look like in the dark. Happy 4th everybody.


  1. Hmmm might have to stop by with Melanie and say hi sometime

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