Bartender of the Week: Alexis C

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You know what we love about our Bartender of the week Alexis C? Everything, really. We also adore the place she does business, Bosq, and their new-world cuisine. This vibrant establishment is serving up delicious dishes with flavors from the Mediterranean to China all in a comfortable and intimate environment. Lexi is a passionate and approachable alpha human being. And her passion runs deep, as she has been in the food and beverage game for quite some time. Coming from a family of restauranteurs, Alexi is at the forefront of new trends and tastes, and bring them to Aspen is something she has made a cornerstone of her identity as one of the most notable bartenders in town. There’s not that many folks we can say just look like a bonafide badass around these parts, but she is surely one of them. So let’s delve deeper than her awesome exterior and really see what makes such a fun person exude such confidence.

MA: Astrological sign?
AC: Sagittarius.

MA: Hometown?
AC: Naples, Florida and Aspen, Colorado.

MA: What gets you ticking?
AC: Adventures, conversations and meeting new people that I get energy from.

MA: Guilty pleasure?
AC: Jail shows.

MA: Hobbies?
AC: They change with the seasons but I truly love cooking.

MA: One of your favorite places to travel?
AC: I loved living in Mexico.

MA: Celebrity crush?
AC: Janelle Monae.

MA: Pet peeve while bartending?
AC: When someone asks “Whats your favorite thing to make?” The honest answer to that is all of it.

MA: Favorite 90s Jam?
AC: SWV ” Weak”

MA: Spirit animal?
AC: Giraffe.

MA: Favorite part about working at Bosq?
AC: The family, the experience and the people that gravitate to it.

MA: One word description of yourself?
AC: Passionate.

MA: One thing you would take on a deserted island with you?
AC: My Wife.
MA: …that sure beats the the hell out of a record player.

MA: Top of your bucket list?
AC: Thailand.

MA: What current live act would you like to see?
AC: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

MA: What would you choose as your last meal?
AC: Black beans and rice.

MA: Favorite team to cheer for?
AC: Broncos.

MA: Mountain you ski the most?
AC: Either Snowmass or Highlands.

Now its time for you to head over to Bosq and say hi. Alexis isn’t one to collect tangible items; she collects experiences. And she is more than happy to add you to that compilation.

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