Bartender of the Week: Lori L.

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Eric’s is a cornerstone of Aspen nightlife. How can one go wrong when you have the choice of three watering holes in one location. “The Cigar Bar” is where you can find the one and only Lori L. our BOTW, she is top-notch , lovely and no-nonsense all in one package (what a rarity). Eric’s is so dynamic and that’s why it is always on our list when we are out and about for night in town. The Cigar Bar is where you can find us the most though. The general atmosphere is not only inviting, it also has a layer of groove thanks to mellow lighting and great tunes that are played all night. Conversation is easily made here not only with Lori, who is sure to make you laugh, but with anyone you are with or may meet. The lounge area cultivates intimacy, while the bar area gives you plenty of room to mingle with a new found interest or friends from days past. So without further ado let’s say hi to Lori a true staple of the bartending scene here in Aspen.

MA: Astrological Sign?
LL: Leo

Ma: Hometown?
LL: Spring Lake, Michigan.

MA: Summertime Hobby?
LL: Golf.

MA: Drink of Choice?
LL: Herradura Tequila.

MA: Favorite Sports Team to cheer for?
LL: The New England Patriots.

MA: What would you have for your last meal?
LL: U.S. 131 BBQ, Filet Mignon, Nana’s Potatoes, and a nice glass of Bordeaux.

MA: What is your spirit animal ?
LL: A White Tiger.

MA: Top of your Bucket List?
LL: Go to Bora Bora.

MA: A funny pick-up line you have heard over the bar?
LL: “If I were Peter Pan would you be my Tinker Bell” I almost fell for that one.

MA: Pet Peeve while bartending?
LL: Touching my Fruit.

MA: What current live act would you like to see?
LL: Xavier Rudd.

MA: One word description of yourself?
LL: Nonjudgmental.

MA: One thing you would take on a deserted island with you?
LL: A Dildo.
MA: Hahaha… That is the best and most honest answer ever.

MA: Most Memorable moment while bartending?
LL: Removing stitches from a war veterans head.

MA: What is your one wish?
LL: To keep doing what I’m doing and be happy at it, no matter what it is.

So now the picture might be a little more clear of why Lori is not only one of our favorite Bartenders but also one of our favorite people here in this rambunctious little town. On your next night out swing by “The Cigar Bar” say hi, this place can’t get much better, especially when you have someone like Lori keeping the jokes rolling all night long.

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