Bartender of the Week: Paul P

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Our bartender of the week Paul Parkerson is a delightful human being to say the least. That’s probably why he has become such a familiar and welcoming face in Aspen’s bartending scene. The newest place you can find Paul slinging drinks happens to also be one of the newest spots in town, Silver City Mountain Saloon. We find it pretty fitting to Silver City’s honky tonk vibe that this man from Mississippi will be helping people find there happy place by serving up liquid comfort. And like Paul ,who can make friends with just about anyone this new bar will surely be a friend to just about any one who his looking for a good time. For a run down on what you can expect from this establishment click on over to our Silver City Spotlight  and see what you have in store when you head down to this new yet familiar spot. If southern hospitality is something you haven’t been able to experience in your life time, come hang out with Paul and you will no doubt see that it’s alive and well. We had to sit down with this son of a gun, a man with an ever sunny disposition and pick his brain for some hilarious facts, concerning himself.

MA: Astrological Sign?
PP: Scorpio
MA: Hometown?
PP: Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
MA: Guilty Pleasure ?
PP: I love cheap Ramen Noodles.
MA: A Place you would like to travel?
PP: Romania. They’ve got beaches, and mountains, what else can you want.
MA: Celebrity Crush?
PP: Its been Jennifer Aniston for like 20 years. She apparently doesn’t age.
MA: Spirit Animal?
PP: I want to say Eagle but thats a little cheesy. Its a weasel. Yep my spirit animal is a weasel.
MA: Top of your Bucket List?
PP: Skydiving but thats tied with going to the Halloween party held in the Catacombs of Paris.
MA: What would you have for your last meal?
PP: A Wards Double Big One, no onions . It’s a chili cheeseburger from a Southern Mississippi fastfood joint.
MA: Favorite team to cheer for?
PP: Chicago Cubs.
MA: Favorite 90’s Jam?
PP: ” Let Her Cry” Hootie and The Blowfish.
MA: That’s good stuff.
MA: Hobbies?
PP: Playing Music.
MA: Favorite part about working at Silver City?
PP: I like introducing people to the new bar in town. Which is something that’s a little different from what people are doing, showing them what we are all about and Whiskey.
MA: Heard any bad pick up lines across the bar?
PP: No one pick’s up on me, it’s very sad.
MA: Live act you would like to see?
PP: I would love to see LCD Soundsystem at Belly Up. Does any one have an extra ticket? No but Seriously.
MA: One thing you would take on a deserted island with you?
PP: A hammock.
MA: Genius
MA: Drink of Choice?
PP: A smoked Porter.
No matter where he may be pouring you a beverage, it’s people like Mr. Parkerson that brighten up our already vibrant little ski town. Now if you find yourself in need of a good laugh we think we found the bartender for you and he will be waiting for you down at Silver City.

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