Bartender of the Week: Zack B.

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With all that is going on in the world it didn’t take long to pick our new BOTW Zack. All heroes don’t wear capes, sometimes they pour your favorite drink. Zack is just that, a hero in his own right that’s because for the foreseeable future he will be donating 20% of all his tips to the Red Cross and other charities (how awesome is that?!). It’s not all that often one can have a couple of tasty beverages and say they are giving back. But that is just the case every time you give this gentleman a tip. You can find him at Chef’s Club, located in the St. Regis hotel. This prestigious establishment was named one of the top 100 best restaurants in the country. He will be serving up craft cocktails and any other libation that may float your boat all off season on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So next time you are wondering around town pondering where to whet your whistle, that decision should be a little easier to make. Go see Zack at Chef’s Club and help those in need while catching a little buzz (that’s a win-win situation if we have ever seen one). Now let’s find out a little more about this bartender with a heart of gold.
Messenger Aspen: Tell me about your charity work.
Zack B.: I’m donating 20% of all my tips to the Red Cross to help with disaster relief, and in addition to that I also have a goal of raising $5,000 for the Shining Stars Foundation. It should be known that if I do reach my goal of $5,000, I will shave my head. And if I, by some chance, raise $10,000, I will wax my entire body.
MA:Astrological Sign?
ZB: Libra.
MA: Hometown?
ZB: Kalamazoo, Michigan.
MA:Summer time hobby?
ZB: Besides smoking weed? I guess I would have to say hiking and exploring this awesome state.
MA: Top of your bucket list?
ZB: Travel in Asia.
MA: One thing you would take on a deserted island?
ZB: A boat.
MA: HAHAHA… I have been asking that question for quite some time and have been waiting for that answer.
MA: Drink of choice?
ZB: Elmer T. Lee. It is an awesome single barrel bourbon.
MA: Spirit animal?
ZB:  A drunk cat.
MA: One word description of yourself?
ZB: Altruist.
MA: Guilty pleasures?
ZB: Foie gras.
MA: Pet peeve while bartending?
ZB: People snapping at me.
MA: Your 90’s jam?
ZB: “Can I Kick It” by A Tribe Called Quest.
MA:What sports team do you cheer for?
ZB: Detroit Red Wings.
MA: A current live act you would like to see?
ZB: The Book of Mormon.
If there wasn’t reason enough to go see Zack before, his marvelous wit should be the game changer. This is one bartender that will never leave you bored. His courtesy is not only distributed to the people that may be sitting at his bar but it also goes well beyond that through his selfless acts of giving to something bigger. Thanks Zack for being a Humanitarian Bartender. What an awesome combo.

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