Messenger Aspen’s Bartender of the WEEK: Scotty G

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Messenger Aspen went undercover and risked their lives (eh ehmm..sobriety) to bring you some exclusive info on some of the most dangerous creatures in Aspen: bartenders. This is the beginning of a weekly series, helping to inform innocent vulnerable drinkers so they know exactly what they are getting into-the risks, the laughs, and possible intoxication. These nightlife Gurus were kind enough (or drunk enough) to open up and share with us some random facts and stories on their experience serving the town. Not only do these party enablers know how to mix up a killer cocktail, and dish out the banter, but they probably have seen and lived through that night you had too many shots and ended up with questionable actions from the night before. These folks are not only your sweet hook up to a good time, but also your confidant, friend, and possibly enemy. The more you learn, the better you can protect yourself. Messenger Aspen, serving the party people of Aspen.

First up, hailing from Wellington, New Zealand: Meet Scotty G a ferocious manimal also known around town as “Gibbo”. If he’s not getting you wet with his KAK adverntures (rafting company, get your mind out of the gutter), you might find him partially naked or getting water chucked at his face behind the bar- we promise you hanging around this guy there will never be a dull moment! (Note: pretend you are reading this with a Kiwi accent- cultural verbal differences potentially could offend 🙂

Astrological sign?
A sign of an As#hole

How long have you been working at Kenichi?
One year 

What’s your drink of choice?
100% agave tequila, don’t f*ck me around. 

Do you have a collection or hobby?
Getting outrageous outdoors!

Who was your celebrity crush on in high school?
John Wayne 

What’s an interesting fact about you?
I have four missing teeth and no one would ever know 

What is your absolute biggest pet peeve?
Cheap c*nts 

 What’s your favorite pastime?
Hanging out with my Bros 

 If you were a wild animal, what would you be?
A cross between a zebra and a honey badger 

 If you were on a deserted island, what one thing would you want with you?
Georgia (his wife)

 Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
Michael Hutchins

 What is your favorite sport to watch?

 What is your favorite TV show?

What’s your most embarrassing/memorable moment behind the bar?
Too many to explain but it may involve poop and urine 

What’s your most interesting booze fact?
They make sake in an igloo that drips for nearly two years before we sell it, we call it divine droplets. 

Find Scotty slanging drinks and possibly half clothed at Kenichi Saturday- Tuesday every week.

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Stay tuned next week for the next Messenger Aspen bartender of the week interview!

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