Bud-tender of the Week: Derek L

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Here at Messenger Aspen we like to spread the love. This week we decided to switch it up a bit, bartenders aren’t the only hustlers in town and we know you’re all getting a little hungry to learn a about your local bud-tenders (eh eh, see what I did there?). So roll a joint, sit back, and learn a bit about Aspen’s newest dispensary: Best Day Ever and the man who’s making the magic happen. This week, we went to talk to Derek L, long time Aspen resident and a ginger of many hats. You many have seen him over the years bartending at 39 Degrees or running around town ‘quality testing’ tequila’s, but recently he’s chosen a new path- one much higher (he he), and one that sparks his interest: weed-tending. If you’re interested in some oil, edibles, joints, or buds, Derek and his staff at Best Day Ever are filled with knowledge about this amazing plant that has helped, cured, shocked, scared, and caught the attention of people around the state and worldwide. Colorado’s progressive stance on Marijuana is paving the way for the rest of the country. And even if you don’t derive pleasure from this magical plant Best Day Ever has a photo of a topless woman riding a motorcycle underwater in the store, if anything seeing that is worth a trip over 😉 But for real, what are you waiting for? They just got a shipment of the dopest dope they’ve ever smoked. Hands down!

MA: Astrological sign
D: Sagittarius

MA: Birth place?
D: Fort Collins, CO

MA: How long have you been working here?
D: January 1st, we just opened the store two weeks ago!

MA: What do you want to be when you grow up?
D: I’ve always wanted to be a psychologist, I have two degrees in psychology- one in deviant behavior the other in psychology of music.

MA:What’s your drink of choice?
D: Casa Dragones Tequila on the rocks

MA: What’s your strain of choice?
D: Glass Slipper, it’s the best weed I’ve ever had. Its uplifting, positive and a very happy high.

MA: Do you have a collection or hobby?
D: I collects vintage wine, my oldest bottle is from 1980- my year of birth

MA:Who was your celebrity crush on in high school?
D: Mila Kunis

MA:What’s an interesting fact about you?
D: I’m the only redhead in his family of 80 people, it’s quite fun going to family reunions. No one even believes that i’m related.

MA: What is your absolute biggest pet peeve?
D: When people tell me how many years they’ve lived in Aspen.. IDGAF

MA: What’s your favorite pastime?
D: Besides watching porn?

MA: If you were a wild animal, what would you be?
D: I would be a llama, it’s another one of my nicknames.

MA: If you were on a deserted island, what’s one thing would you want with you?
D: My vape pen

MA: Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
D: My brother Jason.

MA: What is your favorite sport to watch?
D: Golf

MA: Why?
D: But I’m high, mannnn.

MA: Describe yourself in one word:
D: The Ginga Ninga
MA: That’s 3 but we’ll let this one ride..

MA: What’s your most memorable moment behind the weed bar?
D: We haven’t been here too long, but helping people I’ve known in town and professional athletes during x-games with medicinal topicals.

MA: What’s your most interesting weed fact?
D: Our store named our gangala line after all the weed smoking that goes on in the gondolas!

MA: When can people find you here for a joint?
D: Everyday you’ll be able to find me here.

MA: Favorite Mountain?
D: Highlands

MA: Haha, that’s ironic.
D: Isn’t it?

MA: What keeps you in Aspen?
D: My friends and family

MA: What’s your favorite pick-up line?
D: Do you wanna get pizza and f**k?

MA: Whatt? That works?
D: What you don’t like za?

MA: What’s your all time favorite halloween costume?
D: I’m the devil every year.

MA: Favorite TV Show?
D: That’s 70’s show.

MA: What’s your favorite edible?
D: Our rebel edibles. Since mike and I are from New York we teamed up with a chocolatier from New York who makes all our edibles. They’re amazing, but it gets dangerous because I can’t stop eating them .

MA: What’s your best advice for someone who has never smoked before?
D: Smoke weed as much as possible, it makes every aspect of life more interesting.
MA: Coming from a true salesman

MA: Which pot item that you sell do you find the most interesting?
D: The Ripple which is a water, it is a soluble so you can add it to anything. For the super bowl I added it to my hot sauce.

MA: With Colorado being one of the first places to legalize weed, I’m sure you’ve encountered apprehension in your career choice, how do you handle those conversations?
D: Most of the people we see or talk to we go along with the notion that marijuana is part of the problem but I was a bartender for years and I see alcohol as part of the problem and weed as part of the solution. I tell people that weed heals, and I hope to leave most conversations with people being accepting of weed instead of apprehensive.

MA: You’re one of the newest dispensaries in town, why should people stray and come to you?
D: The quality of our product, we are 80% organic, and we are striving from 100% organic by late April or early May, our price range is also very affordable for the most premium weed. Sa-wannnng by sometime and watch me sling some bud!

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