Heartbeats of America Party

In Blog, Events by Phoebe Loyd

What makes America’s heart beat, you ask? Messenger believes the amazing soul of our country shines through a tapestry of languages, cultures, ethnicities, skin colors, genders, religious backgrounds, income levels—in short, it’s inclusiveness.  We are usually apolitical; however, to show respect for the people who make the United States truly great, we’re giving a special shout out for Grotto Aspen’s “Heartbeat of America” dance party on the 4th of July! One of Miami’s hottest DJs will light up club with everything from Afro-beats to Latin to Hip Hop to Disco Funk to Rock n Roll.  Dj Melladrama spinning the spirit of America so shake your booty on down to Grotto and dance your heart out in celebration of keeping this country colorful, diverse and f#cking amazing!