Heritage Fire is about to get LIT

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The birds are singing, the trees are blooming and the fires are burning TODAY in Snowmass. Heritage Fire/Cochon 555 US tour is back and so is a one of a kind carnivorous extravaganza. This event is nothing but a meat-eaters wet dream come true. With 3,500 pounds of meat being served, there is really no other way to put it. Fifty chefs and butchers will practice whole animal-cookery on everything from beef, whole pigs, squab, rabbit and fish just to name some of the proteins that will be available for consumption. T\Some of the nation’s premiere authorities in the fields of spirits and wines are also on deck, pairing libations with all the mouth watering delicacies at hand. As the classic is going on this weekend in Aspen, Heritage Fire in Snowmass provides something for we folks who can’t throw down $1,500 for a culinary adventure (for $150, honestly, Heritage Fire is the better bang for your buck). And check this out, you can tell your vegan and vegetarian friends to calm down about your attendance to this awesome event because its all happening for a multitude of good causes. The core goal for all involved with Heritage is to focus on how to source products responsibly and do things the right way, all while trying to educate buyers and lend a helping hand to the small family farm (especially those effected by disasters). So as you dine on whatever scrumptious morsel you may be chomping on, it’s nice to know it’s for the betterment of future meat utilization. There’s something wonderfully primal about standing next to an open flame as your next meal is being prepared, and this occasion provides that pleasure in spades. So come on, baby, let’s light our Heritage Fire this weekend (we couldn’t help it).  Cheers everybody.   

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