Improv Dinner with Glenn!

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Recipe: Party in the Kitchen


2 cups Passion
2 cups Knowledge
1.5  cup Comedy
1.5 cup Deliciousness
1 cup Unique
sprinkle of Wit
splash of Wine (often)
tb. Sarcasm
dash of Surprise
1 Glenn Smith
1 Rob Ittner

Directions: Show up and let the evening naturally unfold…

Where does the action take place? In the kitchen, of course. Where else? Chef/Comedian Glenn Smith’s Improv Cooking Demonstration Dinner is no different. This Friday join Glenn, along with Rob the Owner and a long time lover, teacher, and master taster of the wine world, warmly invite you into their kitchen. Glenn and Rob’s skill set and passion for the revival of the dining experience pairs perfectly like a sweet Chenin Blanc with butter pudding. Don’t expect Julia Childs or even Jamie Oliver to instruct you on how to live life clean and by the recipe book, Glenn is 2 parts passion, 1 part knowledge and plain hilarious. Walk away with a full belly, perfect buzz and important knowledge that we all should know, like: how to make ‘the best Mother Fu*king Meat balls ever’, wine pairing for dummies, top 2 reasons men cook, and how not to make your beans mushy (Psst..Glen’s little secret: don’t show them a sappy movie). Take notes, this is no ordinary dinner out, if you’re feeling adventurous you could even find yourself front and center, a blow torch in one hand and a glass of wine in the other about to burn the bejeezus out of some sugar.


Not only does the night include 5 heavenly (as my grandmother would say) courses, Rob attentively insures your wine is perfectly paired and topped off throughout the evening. Yes, there is an element of surprise, but one thing you can count on every time is you’ll leave satisfied and inspired. Improv Dinner is a perfect activity for all – grab your close girlfriends, treat your parents out, or maybe impress that hot date who won’t be satisfied with just Netflix and chill. Make sure to sign up quick, space is limited and seats fly. You can eat anywhere in Aspen but this is something different, something special and as Glenn would say, ‘this is the shit!’….and for the record, it not necessarily PG rated.

Sign up HERE for Friday’s Class
Starts at: 6:30 PM at The Cooking School of Aspen

Cheers from the Cooking School and Messenger Aspen teams!! xoxo


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