Local Love with Woody Creek Distillers

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At Messenger Aspen, we thrive on supporting the local businesses that make Aspen a timeless destination. Woody Creek Distillers lives up to the high standards of Aspen ideals by creating a new standard for local products being sourced and created within the Roaring Fork Valley. This winter, we are excited to announce Woody Creek Distillery will be sponsoring a new service Messenger Aspen is offering…. but more details will be announced soon!

In the meantime – We took a tour of the local distillery – and learned about their growing lineup of award-winning spirits. The distillery, which was founded in 2011, has within a few short 5 years made global headlines as being a unique and international sensation.



Woody Creek Distillery prides themselves on being “farm to bottle” and are on the frontline of creating a local mentality of sourcing their products from theRoaring Fork Valley. Their flagship vodka is made from 100% Rio Grande potatoes, which is grown right next door to the distillery in the farmlands of Basalt. Their reserve vodka, the Strowbawa, is sourced from an heirloom strain imported from Poland that had quite the journey!




In addition to their highly acclaimed vodkas, their other fantastic products currently include a Rye Whiskey, Gin, White Rum, and now recently introducing the experimentation of aged Bourbon! Next on the roster will be a Single Malt scotch… which the older men in our life were excited to hear about 😉 We were lucky enough to try a sample of their bourbon that has been aging for the past 18 months, and cannot wait until it’s ready! Don’t want to spill the beans too soon…but its GOOD.


This impressive and innovative company keeps growing throughout the years and it’s supportive local presence has aided Messenger in showcasing Aspen’s finest! The distillery offers tours for both tourists and locals alike to come and experience how these local favorites are produced. In addition to the tour, the bar at the distillery remains as a hot spot to taste and try the array of different flavors the distillery provides. Everything from the bitters, liquors, and brandies that are added to the cocktails are all made in house as well!

Woody Creek Distilleries is a gem within the local community, and we fully support their mission of “Bringing Back the Real” – real products, real stories, real people creating an ultimately real experience through drink.


Cheers to the people that make it happen! WE LOVE LOCAL at Messenger Aspen and we love WCD!!

Stay tuned for more information on our collaborations…