Matt & Kim back in action

In Blog by Phoebe Loyd

There’s a long list of reasons why Messenger digs Matt and Kim, the electronic duo, who’re bringing their dance party beats to Belly Up Saturday night, however, the one-shot video of these Brooklynites getting naked on a winter day in Times Square takes the cake.  With a penchant for crowd-surfing, high-energy acrobats, and relatable, humor-laden lyrics, Matt and Kim put on a hell of a show. Both East-coasters, the couple hooked up at Pratt and have been inseparable, playing music together since 2004 personally and professionally. Self taught musicians, Matt (vocals/keyboards) and Kim (drums) bring an uncynical passion to their performances that truly invites the audience to take part in the experience—and whatever they bring will only make the party that much better! With an ACL tear, Kim’s been grounded for the past year recovering. Playing Belly Up is not only the pair’s first time on this iconic Aspen stage, but the first time they’ll be back in action since the injury. So if your Saturday night’s open—buy your ticket to now.  If you’ve got plans, wiggle out of ‘em or include this two-plus hour boogie-fest where hip hop, pop-punk, and electro-beats get strung together in a way that only Matt and Kim can produce and still make you feel like you helped them produce the gig!