Messenger Aspen’s How To: “End the season on a High..(lands)!”

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The sun is shining the snow is melting and as Bob Dylan would say, the times they are a changing. Let’s gather and celebrate the winter and welcome the sunny days and green grasses to come at THE top closing parties in the country. The closing weekends for the 4 mountains are upon us and we’re here to pass on some tips of how/when to rally the troops, throw on the wigs, and pop the champaign to cheers an amazing winter!! While they are all amazing at highlighting and celebrating what each mountain has to offer- none can compare to the epicness that closes down the season with a BANG at Highlands!

So… Messenger Aspen’s here for a little how to: end this season on a HIGH at Highlands!

Step 1: Get your outfits ready and laid out- the weirder the better. Locals and veterans of Highlands closing party understand that this is no time to be modest. Interesting, yes! Freaky yes! hilarious yes! Yes! YES! First timers don’t hold back, if you do god forbid, you’ll be wishing you showed in those leather chaps and rainbow mohawk. Here’s a little inspiration if you are having a hard time figuring out what to wear or what to expect-> Highlands Closing Party. Here’s a little secret…ANYTHING goes, just dress in something you’ll be comfortable and wanna get down and dirty with because no secret here it might get a little MESSY 🙂

Photo By Stay Aspen/Snowmass

Photo By Stay Aspen/Snowmass


Step 2: Get up early and pop that bubbly, gather the homies and head up for one (maybe not, it’s open for two more weekends) last bowl hike. Get the adrenaline pumping, soak in the views, breathe in that thin beautiful air and thank mother nature for keeping her cool this winter.

Photo by

Step 3: Head down to the maddness that Cloud Nine has to offer. Bask in the sun (fingers crossed) Pop More bubbles (standard mode of operations) and spray fearlessly atop all the other partygoers as a way of saying thank you for sharing the good times and to ULLR for some epic surprise powder days…..

Photo By Jeremy Swanson/Aspen Chamber Society

Photo By Jeremy Swanson/Aspen Chamber Society

Step 4: Cruise down for a prime Schneetag spot. Schneetag put simply, translates as “daredevils willing to propel themselves down a hill, over a jump and across a pond on a craft they built themselves.” This hilarious event is one not to miss. Teams of four are invited to create a craft that they will pilot down a slope and attempt to float across a 75×20 foot pond. Every team has a theme and will perform a skit before they descend. This event is just as ridiculous and entertaining as it sounds.


Photo by BeTheExperience

Step 5: It’s PARTY TIME! Get down and get dirty, the beats will be bumpin’ and the drinks will be flowin’ at the Ale house. Cheer the Highlands ski patrol as they close up the mountain for the last time (kinda) and bounce around on the deck as the sun sets over the mountain. Local DJ’s Naka G and DJ Dylan will be spinning the tunes to finish out the season in style.


Photo by the AspenTimes

And remember.. stay safe, have fun, ride the bus, and dance and laugh the day away with some of your best friends, travelers, and co-working buddies. Its a great day to commemorate all the wonderful memories of the season and kick off the off season! Cheers to all!!!

xoxo Messenger Team

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