Re-Cap: HOPS Onesie Party!

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First, let us set the scene for you. Shut your eyes and relax… now to your left imagine a human-sized penguin doing the Macarena, in front of you, on the packed dance floor Super Woman flies through the crowd with her cape flapping behind her as she passes a sexy hippy grinding on a giant piece of corn trying to get him to ‘pop’ lock and drop. Sitting at the bar beside you a giraffe leans in and asks if you’d like a tequila shot as he cheers his buddy Scooby Doo. Now snap back, last weekend this was REAL LIFE at HOPS ‘s Onesie Party and it was AH-mazing. If we have anything to say about it- it will happen again soon so get your Onesie ready and stay tuned, we’ll make sure this time you don’t miss it!

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