Red White & Brews

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Red White & Brew has once again made its way to the streets of Aspen… But amongst all the activities, musical performances, and BBQ fun, how does one weigh out how and where to spend this ultimate birthday weekend for our one and only nation? Here Messenger Aspen highlights some of the best events that Aspen can give you- and making America decent again – one beer at a time.

Ol’ Smokey Bear put the official kibosh on the SNAP, CRACKLE, POP this July 4th—limited it to your morning bowl of cereal. Messenger was pretty bummed since we love ourselves a good ole fashioned fireworks display shared with 50 thousand of our closest friends “oohing” and “awing.”  But, fear not, little rats! In a true “only in Aspen” moment, our Chamber announced a 2018 4th of July DRONE LIGHT SHOW!?! And just when we were almost convinced we had nothing in common with Koreans…


4th of July Events:

8:00 AM—Boogies Buddy Race—Slip on those sneaks, and git your booty over to Boogie’s starting line in Rio Grand Park. 

11:00 AM—Parade—Red, White, ’n Blue! Streamers! Bicylces! Fire Engines! Cool Cars! Candy! And gettin’ sprayed with cold water while sweltering in the hot sun! What could be more fun that Aspen 4th of July Parade (unless of course, you’re in it.) 

12:00 PM—AVSC Alumni & Community Picnic—You had us at Dunk Tank, but BBQ, Music, and some bevys keep our attention.  This annual shindig in Koch Park’s worthy of more than just a drive by. 

5:00 PM—Aspen Volunteer Fire Department Block Party—Beer garden, live music, and more foodage.  What makes this party special is hot firemen and women heatin’ up the crowd and all proceeds benefit the department and Mountain Rescue, so bring that check book. 

5:00 PM—Snowmass Rodeo—Feeling like getting buck? Head over to Snowmass and work it out! 

9:15 PM—DRONE LIGHT SHOW—We gotta see this to believe it.  Please, come witness this abundance of rich colors loom above the Roaring Fork Valley! 

9:30 PM—Belly Up—If a ticket exists for you to see Thievery Corporation, run don’t walk. They’re the bomb. 

10:00 PM—Grotto Aspen—Aspen’s newest nightclub’s promises to take you around the July 4th bend with “Heartbeats of America” party with Miami DJ Melladrama spinning all the beats that make this country Ah-mazing til 2am. 

Sweet dreams, Aspen! Cause Messenger’s revving up to burn rubber on the 4th!!