Silver City Saloon – The New Kids on the Block

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Expect flashbacks of late-night grinding sessions and nefarious bathroom activities as you descend the stairs to the Silver City Mountain Saloon. The New Kids on the Block (or the New Kids on Galena Street, more accurately) opened its doors in mid-December in the space formerly occupied by Whiskey Rush, which was previously Regal, which itself came after Shooters… Co-owners Jeremy Lipman and Ryan Sweeney (of Ryno’s fame) say “casual and comfortable” were the words they wanted to describe the new spot. With the interior renovation, the duo wanted to do more than put lipstick on a pig (or put maple syrup on bacon??). And from our fairly comfortable vantage point in the back room lounge over cocktails, whiskey, and a charcuterie platter, we say they’ve succeeded.

There’s billiards, there’s a jukebox, there are multiple TVs for whatever sport floats your boat, and there are high-top tables and booths for post-ski nibbling located on the former dance floor (memories!). Does it still feel like Whiskey or Regal? Yup. But are we excited for a new cozy lounge with couches, low stools, and free pool? You betcha. They like to think of it as a smokeless Cigar Bar, and we’re all about that. Except for when we’re not.

And while the owners admit they’re currently having a bit of an identity crisis — you can order a brat and a beer for $11 or caviar and Jay Z’s Ace of Spades champagne for over a grand — you won’t hear any complaints from us. We’re all about high-brow, low-brow here at Messenger because isn’t that the beauty of living here in Aspen?

They’ve also brightened up the windowless space (but not too much, as everyone looks sexier in dim lighting…), and they’ve made it a priority to steer clear of the whomp and trance of DJ sets (don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered there). The day and evening live music sets will mainly focus on country/Western-themed music, with some rock and other genres thrown in the mix to keep it interesting.

It’s going to be hard to shake the familiar feel of the subterranean space, but we’re certainly excited to see them try. And if you work in the service industry, rumor has it there’s a drink special just for you. Inquire at the (familiar looking) bar. And don’t forget your dollar bills for the rocksteady jukebox!