Sleigh Bells in August

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Curious what the alchemy of a metalcore musician and a teenaged girl group vocalist could sound like?  Kinda like chewing aspirin with a pepto chaser, or spooning naked with a porcupine–not pleasant, one would guess.  To the contrary, the duo in question, Sleigh Bells, uses pop music’s cotton-candy harmonies and laces it with the dissonance of say, Stravinsky, to produce a sound that’s uniquely theirs.  Interestingly enough, songwriter producer Derek Miller, channeled the political discord of the last decade into Kid Kruschev track, their latest mini-album.  Vocalist Alexis Kraus lifts the lyrics out of the darkness and floats them up to the heavens to be relinquished to immortals who may just have a better chance at solving our 21st century fucked-up-ness. Messenger secretly wishes more musicians would thread the needle and come out slaying audiences with a style no one can emulate.

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