The Snowball Party : Recap

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The Snowball Party… the most epic adventure tribal pop-up convergence of fun and friends! This winter,  Messenger Aspen teamed up with the Snowball leaders based out of L.A. – where this highly anticipated social experiment is somewhat of an up-and-coming right of passage on in the L.A. social scene. John Pick, the founder, befriended us at Messenger and we loved the idea and helped bring it to the streets of Aspen!

The idea behind Snowball – new friends and new fun. Basically, you are given a location and meet up with your first partner. You experience something unique Aspen has to offer, or something totally outlandish you would never expect to find it here in our small quaint town. After meeting up with your partner, the two of you are partner with two others – and given an activity or instruction to complete somewhere in town. After that, the four meet four, and the eight meet eight, and then we continue on until there are 64 people breaking it down on the dance floor. Yup, thats how it all works!

The activities range from all over the entertainment spectrum – from visiting art galleries, to trying on furs, to getting your palms and fortunes read, to getting makeovers, to playing piñata, to meeting police men and riding around in their cars – literally every stop is a new surprise, and every stop and location is perfectly mapped out for you to to enjoy a night out on the town effortlessly. Plus – there are drinks at every stop to assist with the social lubrication. (Bonus!)

The best part? Meeting new people. Even though we live in a small town, we tend to gravitate and operate in our small social circles. This activity adventure pushes people out of their comfort zones, but just enough so where they get to experience something new with a new friend. While we may pass these people or locations on the street, the Snowball Party gives folks an avenue for engagement and a good time, as well as a new experience in a town we thought we knew all to well.

Here’s to the Snowball – and to the next time!!!

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