Super Freak – Kick Off Party w/16 Candles & GOLDEN

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Hey Dudes and Dudettes, do you remember Aspen in the ‘80s? Yeah, neither do we. But just like back in the day, here we are motoring towards what is sure to be a radical season. And Messenger Aspen will be with you “every step you take, every move you make, and every breath you take” (oops, maybe that’s a little creepy … anyway) because our mission in this bodacious little community is to keep the playful spirit alive and rad.

The Messenger Aspen Season Kick Off Party this Sunday will have you “dancing on the ceilings” not only at Belly Up for a wicked live show with “Sixteen Candles” early in the night, but also at Escobar for a righteous late-night party as well. So dust off those leg warmers and tease up that bitchin’ hair with some Aqua Net and get read to “fight for our right to party.” It doesn’t matter if you are a jock, nerd, metal head, valley girl, or boarder bro, we can all come out and embrace our inner “super freak.” So, let’s whip this season into shape and whip it good, together.

The 21-and-older show starts at 10 p.m. ($15, $30 reserved) with a “Footloose” throw down headlined by ‘80s tribute band “Sixteen Candles.” We love the Spazmatics, but we’re pretty stoked for the New Kids on the Block. At this frosty prom party, we will be “Walking on Sunshine” big time. All the stud muffins and, like, totally hot bettys will be living it up to the max while tunes from the most excellent era will have us all grabbing our crotches, screaming HEEEHEEE. This isn’t going to be some kind of square hoedown at the country club for bogus stiffs. Put on your shoulder pads, lace up your Reeboks, and check your Swatch ‘cause it will be time to “shake your body (down to the ground)” with the gnarliest new friends.

It would be super lame if you missed the party at Belly Up, but “Don’t Stop Believin’” we’ve got a kick-ass after party waiting for us at Escobar. You’d be trippin if you didn’t want to “Walk Like an Egyptian” down to such a choice club and say hello to our little friend DJ Golden as she spins on the ones and twos.

So stay “Hungry Like a Wolf” for a Season Kick Off that Aspen hasn’t seen since Ferris Bueller took a day off and Spicoli were catching some tasty waves. We can say with all certainty that “Sweet Dreams” are made of parties like these. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. Cowabunga everybody!


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