Taking a Trip with Marisa

In Blog, Events by Phoebe Loyd

Being in Marisa Halsted’s aura is similar to floating in a cold swimming pool on a hot summer day.  Your skin remains cool, yet you can feel the sun’s heat sensation. Your body’s weight defies gravity staying adrift, but a slight pull from underwater remains. Your submerged ears acutely hear every sound, however, nothing comes in clearly enough to make out. Your eyes scan the infinite sky, lost in a sea of blue with gliding clouds signaling the passage of time. Your nose inhales wafts of smoke from the grill, intermingling with chlorine and the taste of sunscreen dripping from your cheeks.  All five senses are awakened in this very moment—there is nothing but you, the water, the sky and the nebulous existence of your soul—which actually feels if it could swallow up the universe with its knowing.  This is the kind of affect Marisa has on people.  And no psychedelics are necessary to trip with Marisa—ya just gotta be open to the ride inside. 

To understand The Mindful Vine: A Journey of Your Senses Dining Experiencejust exchange the pool above for a gorgeously set, long table complete with wine, delectable food, aromatic flowers, inspired conversation…and the most important ingredient, Marisa’s invitation to your sixth sense to join the party. Every single pore of your being will feel alive, activated, stimulated.  Anything you want in life will sudden become tangible—as if the only thing holding you back is your next breath out.  Seriously, this evening is worth the partaking.  Although Messenger tends to be partial to, shall we say “less refined” experiences, we’d put on a dress or nice slacks any day of the week to pay homage to Marisa! 

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