The BlueBird Art + Sound Special

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Great music | Great people | Fresh art

The valley is gaining something very special this weekend with the inaugural BlueBird Art + Sound festival. We all know how epic a Bluebird day on the mountain can be, now we have festival that will literally bring that fresh feeling to life through art and music. It’s easy to get excited when looking at all this event has to offer with rocking live music mixed with cutting edge art installations and after talking with Garrett Chau the festivals founder we here at Messenger Aspen are even more amped up. Chau has worked closely with some other festivals that might ring a bell such as Coachella and Lollapalooza, now he is focusing his talents on something brand new by bringing this one of a kind event right to our door step. This is an event that pays tribute to our local tastes all the while immersing us into adventures through cutting edge art.

Most of us remember going to museums as kids and chances are we found them to be a little solemn to say the least. Now picture the complete opposite vibe, one filled with intrigue, and that’s what the Blue Bird festival is bringing to town. It’s a place where a seven year old and their seventy-seven year old granddad can share new experiences together; then get down to some killer music on Fanny Hill. At Blue Bird the art critic and the layman can walk in and both will walk out with a crisp vision of the direction in which art is heading. As Chau pointed out in our conversation the biggest changes in art come about due to the technologies that surround it at the time. Man went from charcoal on cave walls, to paintings on cathedral ceilings, then came the printing press and the advent of film, now we have new mediums in virtual reality and video games. All art movements were contemporary at one point, the Blue Bird festival is giving us the chance to taste these new forms as they come fresh out of the oven. A 2,400 square foot structure will be erected in Snowmass; with a 800 square foot theater inside that will be completely darkened, running different kinds of video art and sound performances. There will also be two virtual reality stations, installations featuring multiple plasma screen TVs , a fully mechanical center piece and much more. Jesse Flemming a professor at UCLA who’s at the forefront of this budding art movement will be spear-heading this effort to expand our artistic foundation here in the valley. He is by no means alone, as there are twenty other artists from around the world that will be here as well , we can expect to see representation from places such as: New York, San Francisco, LA, Mexico, England, Turkey, Greece and China the kaleidoscope of influences will be amazing.

If all this talk of mind blowing pop up art presentations hasn’t made you as stoked as we are than I know something that will, the Blue Bird festival is bringing the heat when it comes to the musical talent that will be on hand this weekend. The Drive By Truckers are headlining with a performance this Friday on Fanny Hill. In another lifetime this writer first saw them when he was bartending at the University of Alabama and these guys are still going hard in the paint. The Drive by Truckers were recently nominated by the Americana Music Association for “best album of the year” and “ best band of the year”. If you haven’t ever had the pleasure of seeing this energetic ensemble throw down some Southern Rock like few others can don’t miss this chance. The Seratones from Shreveport Louisiana and our own local crew The True Story Band will be opening up Friday evening and there is no doubt that they will have the crowd footloose by the time our headliner comes to stage. Saturday there will be the premiere of Jesse Fleming’s new video installation “Remember” which will be a collaboration with dancer/choreographer Laurel Jenkins, this performance will be a highlight of the Art + Sound vibe that can be witnessed throughout the festival. Sunday’s closing party will make us all feel right at home with some of our favorite local DJs such as Naka G, Berkel Beats and “X” sending us out in style. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets HERE or at the Box office in Snowmass for Friday night’s shows, but here’s one more kick in the pants, all other BlueBird Art + Sound activities are completely FREE, and that’s just totally freaking awesome. So there is really no excuse not to come by and check what is sure to become a staple in our valley’s summer schedule. I for one can’t wait to explore a world of art that is so different to what I have seen before, and then go rock my face off to some great music right here in our backyard, at the BLUEBIRD Art + Sound Festival, we will be looking forward to seeing you .

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