Underground MVMNT: Deck Discovery Kick-Off

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The sun is shining and the weather is sweet, and that means it’s time to move our dancing feet. For the next two weeks there should be only one must on your Sunday afternoon schedule, that’s Shlomos ‘s Deck. It’s the beginning of this season’s Deck Discovery run through Aspen, so come kick back some drinks and dance while enjoying some warm rays on your face. Bubbles will be flying at the base of the mountain as DJ Goldrush and killer drink deals get your mind and body flying right along side them. Let’s see some Bubbles everybody, become a bubble or bring some with you and let’s get things really POPPING off *(yes I blew it up with that pun, ohh and I just can’t stop)*. Last winter our Underground Movement let us dance together and keep each other warm during long winter nights. Now Deck Discovery will have us dancing in the warmth of the Sun’s embrace as well as each other’s, for the next two weeks at Shlomo’s (the 16th and 23rd) . Stay tuned for our new place of Discovery because just like last Winter’s parties we will take one Sunday off then be back at it, Sunday Aug 6th, on another awesome Deck in town, it may be big, or it could be small, we will let you know. Who needs a beach when we have the Decks of Aspen? With a recipe like mountain air, music, sunshine and friends not much else can be expected but the best kind of summertime fun, the time is right to party on these Deck’s, come and join.

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