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Ohh Aspen how we love thee, let us count the ways. Your wonderful nightlife constantly entertains. Your picturesque settings blow our minds with every corner we turn. Mountains of every type to satisfy all of our shredding desires. You have places to dine that would make even the most shrewd food critic blush. These are of a few of the things that make our hearts tingle with joy when we think about you, but honestly Aspen we may be able to find these things in other places. When it really  comes down to it Aspen what truly drives our love to a higher ground is the brightly colored tapestry that are your locals. It’s the individuals that call you home that make you like no other place we have ever encountered. So we here at Messenger Aspen think is high time that we pay tribute to the characters that we get to share this stage called life with. That’s where you come in dear reader, it goes without saying that we at Messenger could compile a lineup of folks we would deem worthy of a Aspen “Who’s who ” but where’s the fun in that we want YOUR short list of locals that you would like to see focused on and interviewed. So write us a email at info@messengeraspen.intend.media and attach your list so we can know who’s turning your head in our lively little mountain town. Don’t think to hard about it just go with your gut, go with the faces that pop up in your mind as you are reading this. It can be anyone there is no wrong submission. It could be that guy you see roller blading by you everyday on Mill St, the girl that you have a crush on that works at the restaurant next door, your best friend, the new person in town that seems really interesting or an Aspen business entrepreneur you would like to see the light shown on. Make it your list and do with it what you will. So stay tuned in, for sooner than later you might see one of your entries being interviewed here on Messenger and all those questions about them that have been running around in your head will finally be answered. We are looking forward to seeing your list of Aspen’s “Who’s who” the best part is it’s all of you.

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