Yoga…but on the Mountain

In Blog by Phoebe Loyd

Perhaps it’s the summer heat, the smoke in the air, or that the universe is the midst of an eclipse-trifecta, which started in the evening of July 12 with a solar eclipse, followed by a lunar eclipse on July 27, and another solar eclipse on August 11.  Whatever the case, Messenger’s been feeling the extreme need to get grounded!  Our helpful online astrologers tell us these three back-to-back eclipses are rarified, and spell out DRAMA and CHANGE.  Eek! But since we’ve got the dramatics covered by just livin’ in Aspen, we’re sweet on the idea of learning how to better manage the process of “adulting.”

We’re thanking our lucky stars that Yoga on the Mountain (YOTM) is jumping off next weekend…and with over 65 classes on yoga and meditation we’re levitating just thinking about it!  Power Yoga Retreats (PYR), the force behind this epic 3-day “celebration of movement, music, and mindful living” will also dish up full moon hikes, eco-friendly retail therapy, local eats and drinks, plus a DJ pool party (now we’re talkin’!).  And in terms of a talent line-up, this crew’s pulled in the frickin’ rockstars of the Yoga world.  Snowmass Village is gonna sizzle with chiseled abs, Michelle Obama’d arms, Buddha-worthy third eyes, and smokin’ hot love and compassion for being trapped in this bizarro human experience (<— Messenger’s POV, not PYR’s.) 

By the end of this 72 hours, you’ll have experienced a lunar eclipse (which supposedly reveals all that’s not working in your life), laughed, learned, sweat, cried, connected, visioned, and felt a sense of community deep inside your soul…and sore muscles! And guys, If you are not convinced yet, think “yoga pants.” 

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